We look forward to receiving mail from you!

We look forward to receiving mail from you!

Since almost two years, we have all been strongly challenged by the topic of coronavirus in our professional and private everyday lives – flexibility, creativity, adaptability and problem-solving skills will continue to be in demand. Our colleagues in the Press, Marketing and Communication (PMK) service unit have also been and continue to be faced with new challenges every day. In line with the current situation, we, the PMK team, have expanded our printed campus magazine UBTaktuell to include a digital format: the web magazine! Don't worry, the printed magazine, as you have known it for many years, will continue to exist, but supplemented by a digital version. In the Webmagazine we can publish your topics that are interesting and exciting faster and more up-to-date.

You have an exciting topic and would like to tell us more about it? With pleasure! 

We are looking forward to hearing from you via ubtaktuell@uni-bayreuth.de. We will review your information and get back to you to discuss all important steps concerning your authorship. Please provide us with all relevant details and contact information as well as any pictures or video files you may already have.

What is the deadline? And when will be published where?

We continuously create online articles and publish them on the UBTaktuell website in German and English. We hope you enjoy browsing through the magazine and look forward to clicks, likes, constructive feedback and of course: your contributions.

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