In Kulmbach the studies have started

In the winter semester 2020/21, teaching has started at the new Faculty VII of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health on the Kulmbach campus. The „buddy programme“ has started, the Lord Mayor has welcomed the students, and teaching is in full swing.

Mayor Ingo Lehmann (back m.), University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible (back l.) and Founding Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens (back r.) welcome our students in front of the Kulmbach City Hall. ⁠⠀

Chenyan Zheng from China is the first international student of Faculty VII and now an official resident of Kulmbach.

The students
The English-language Master's program "Food Quality and Safety" (M.Sc.) met with great interest worldwide. We are particularly pleased to welcome international students with a sound scientific background. They come from European countries, primarily also from Asia and Africa.

The "first Kulmbach student" is Miriam Pikulski from Diespeck (district of Neustadt/Aisch - Bad Windsheim): "What I found so compelling about Food Quality and Safety was the combination of food chemistry modules with interdisciplinary content such as food law and science communication.”

Studentin Helen Regina

Helen ReginaStudentin "Food Quality and Safety"

"I come from India. I chose to study the Food Quality and Safety degree at University of Bayreuth because the degree addresses the complexities and challenges posed by the constantly evolving food industry from various perspectives namely, the economics and science communication perspective, natural sciences perspective and the mathematical perspective. The degree is truly tailormade for students who want to explore career opportunities in interdisciplinary fields, which aligns perfectly with my ambitions. Personally I love that the city is amidst nature as it easily provides a peaceful and calm atmosphere to study and relax. Professionally, I am pleased with the fact that Kulmbach is a food industry hub with breweries and the reputable Max Rubner Institut. My first days were very exciting as I was delighted to get back to the ‘student life’ again after a two-year gap. The professors, study service team and student support team continuously ensured that each of us felt welcomed and that was the icing on the cake for me

The new faculty
Thematically, the new faculty deals with the great challenges of our time:

  • What are the causal relationships between the risk of illness and certain ways of life/nutrition?
  • What individual, cultural, and/or socio-economic factors hinder health-promoting lifestyles and diets?
  • How can the supply of sufficient quantities of healthy, sustainably-produced food be improved?

In keeping with the tradition of the University of Bayreuth, Faculty VII seeks to find answers to these questions and develop innovative solutions through an interdisciplinary approach. To this end, the natural science perspective, which deals with currently ongoing, far-reaching methodological revolutions in the life sciences, will be combined with modern concepts from the economic, legal, social, and behavioural sciences.

The two new study programmes 

Food Quality and Safety (M.Sc.)
The first master's programme 'Food Quality and Safety' sits perfectly with the vision of the Faculty, as it focuses on the improvement of food quality and safety, and is characterised by a content-related connection of the scientific perspective with food law and quality management. In addition to the acquisition of subject-specific skills, students also receive interdisciplinary training, the module 'Science Communication', for example, including media training. This is directly linked to the 'Nutrition Radar Knowledge Portal' currently being developed in Kulmbach, which aims to provide interested parties with scientific information on the topic of nutrition.

Global Food, Nutrition and Health (M.Sc.)
The next degree programme is already in the starting blocks. With the master's programme 'Global Food, Nutrition and Health' (M.Sc.), which is also taught in English, the University of Bayreuth aims to demonstrate and research the link between the production and supply of sufficient and safe food worldwide, between the social and cultural aspects of nutrition and their impact on health, in a global context, and to train interdisciplinary experts to solve global health problems. The programme is scheduled to start in the 2021 summer semester, and this is the application portal:

The buddy programme: Kulmbach citizens* join forces with our international students and help them to find their way around Kulmbach better. In the picture you can see Chenyan Zeng (right) and her budy Lisa Töpper in the Kulmbach city park.

The team
In order to ensure service-oriented support for students from the first request for advice to the nurturing of relationships within the framework of an alumni network, the team on the Kulmbach campus has been supported by two study programme coordinators since April 2020. Helke Biehl and Dr. Pia Kaul have many years of experience in the field of study and teaching at various universities and scientific institutions, and are pleased to be able to contribute this experience to the establishment of a faculty-wide student service centre at the Kulmbach campus in close cooperation with the established central service offices of the University of Bayreuth. They also coordinate the buddy programme : Kulmbacher become the "buddy" of a student and help him or her to find their way around Kulmbach.

The programme coordinators Helke Biehl (l.) and Dr. Pia Kaul are pleased to welcome the first students to Faculty VII, and are the first point of contact for them regarding their studies in their new home in Kulmbach.

These are the members of the Student Support Team, all of them students of the University of Bayreuth themselves: They want to give their new fellow students a smooth start in Kulmbach.

From left to right: Sarah Straßberger, Isabelle Pointner, Alexander Thorneloe, Joana Fuchs, Armin Rödinger, Felix Granzow, Anne Zeitler, Sandra Stroznia.

Helke Biehl und Dr. Pia Kaul Programme Coordinators Campus in Kulmbach

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