The Lord Mayor of the City of Bayreuth, Thomas Ebersberger, as Chairman of the Emil Warburg Foundation, awarded the prizes for 2022 in the Emil Warburg Lecture Hall at the University of Bayreuth.

The Emil Warburg Technology Award 2022 went to Dipl.-Phys. Markus Hilt. Hilt is an IT administrator in theoretical physics. He has been working at the University of Bayreuth since 2005 and shows exceptionally high motivation and commitment - also overall in the theoretical physics working group entrusted to him. The laudatory speech for the award winner therefore states: "Due to the large number of different and, on top of that, constantly changing students and doctoral candidates in theoretical physics, a permanent stream of enquiries, problems and special requests pours onto Mr Hilt's desk. These are alternately small or large, simple or complicated, feasible or, at first glance, impossible. It is hard to believe the patience and conscientiousness with which he takes care of all these requests and finds a solution for everything. For that alone he more than deserves the Emil Warburg Technology Award."

The Emil Warburg Research Award 2022 goes to Dr Christian Schörner. Dr Christian Schörner did his doctorate under Professor Markus Lippitz on the topic of "Plasmonic nanocircuits of crystalline silver for efficient coupling with single organic molecules". He was awarded summa cum laude for this doctoral thesis. In his doctoral thesis, Dr Schörner built a new experiment for optical spectroscopy on tiny metallic nanostructures. What is special about Dr. Schörner's work is that he used silver as a metallic nanodevice instead of the usually used precious metal gold. With his work, he has opened up a new field of research at Professor Lippitz's department, but in the meantime other research groups have also adopted his method. "Together, this leads us to expect many more interesting results based on his achievement," says the selection statement. "We honour this outstanding research achievement today with the award of the Emil Warburg Research Prize," said Ebersberger in his laudation.

Following the award ceremony, PD Dr. Martin Frimmer gave a lecture on "Quantum Measurements on Floating Particles: The Ignorance of the Observer".

About the Foundation

Professor Emil Warburg (1846-1931) was one of the leading physicists of his time. In retirement, he often visited his daughter Lotte Meyer-Viol in Bayreuth. After his death, he found his final resting place in the Bayreuth city cemetery.

To preserve the memory of Professor Dr. Emil Warburg, his descendants initiated the Emil Warburg Foundation in Bayreuth together with the then Bayreuth Mayor Hans-Walter Wild in 1978. The foundation promotes physics at the University of Bayreuth and awards prizes for special achievements in physics at the University of Bayreuth.

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