The start-up scene of the region gathered for the Design Award at the Kulturkiosk at the Seebühne in the Wilhelminenaue in Bayreuth. The start-ups Cohooyo, Doppelbund, Imsinne, Monaco Ducks, Myriad, Owhite, ToOrdr and Urnfold presented their products there. Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, guided through the program.

The competition was won by the start-up Myriad. Aniko Peiffer handed over the check for 1000 euros on behalf of the sponsor Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge.

Second place went to the Urnfold team. In their start-up, the two founders sell sustainable urns made of hemp, beer mash and hay, which are also a real eye-catcher visually. 

Monaco Ducks, a start-up with roots in Bayreuth, occupied third place. The two founders are alumni of the University of Bayreuth and sell sneakers and accessories whose production pays particular attention to sustainability. 

For those who did not make it to the winners at the end of the day, however, the Design Award event was informative: the exchange among founders helps young entrepreneurs. In addition, contacts were made with the Bayreuth business community.

In addition, all nominated start-ups may call themselves "Nominee of the Start-Up Design Awards 2022".

All information about the competition, the evaluation criteria, jury members and teams can be found here:

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